Archery Stabilizers 101

Archery Stabilizers the how and the why of their use.

Stabilization 101

There is a ton of controversy in the stabilizer world and question as to what diameter bar, how much weight, how long of a bar, how stiff of a bar and to be quite honest it's really dependent on shooter preference. Over the course of these next few days I will try and break down a few points on each of those questions.

What Diameter Bar ?

Here at Squatch, we offer two different size bars. First is the Pro bar which is a .625" OD Ultra High Modulus Carbon (UHM). UHM bars have some very unique properties in that they are incredibly stiff, they dampen certain frequencies at the shot that lower grade carbon rods do not and they are extremely light weight. The lighter the bar the better the weight on the end stabilizes. That's just physics !

Secondly, we offer a Pro Micro Bar which is .498" OD Ultra High Modulus Carbon (UHM). This bar also carries the same stiffness and dampening qualities as the larger bar but being smaller it does so at an even lighter weight. It is also smaller in surface area so it is less likely to be affected by wind gusts when shooting in strong winds.